Touchy- Free... Oh, We Need!!!

Collectors your days of "cringing" when reaching for public doors

and touching buttons for access are OVER! If you're anything like us...

You "squeal" internally at the thought of unseen germs on public surfaces.

Everyday, we're trying our best to come up with effective ways to stay safe and hygienic throughout this pandemic...We're onto something with this newbie!


Let's Get Into It:

This metal tool is perfect for gripping doors with it's hook and is also easily accessible for it's 'finger-less" use at ATM's/ Elevators & Pin-Pad's at "Check Out's".


Our Goal:  Keeping you clean from"invisibly"dirty surfaces.

Keep it "handy" on your key ring and you're ready for whatever.

Snag Yours Today!!

"Touchy-Free..." Metal Contactless Safety Door Opener Key Ring

  • Let's face it, Collectors.... "Sanitation rules the nation..." With the metallic finish of this amazing tool, we recommend wiping your "Touchy- Free" Contactless Safety Door Opener Keyring with a disinfectant + sanitizer wipe after use. Avoiding abrasive contact cleaners for longevity purposes.