Let's Face It Health Shield

Let's Face It Health Shield


“Let’s Face It... “ Collectors, we’re convinced that getting back to normal will never be normal again... However, it’s safe to say that we must change our views to remain healthy and safe during these times of uncertainty. With up close and personal interactions,some professions and daily duties call for a little more protection. Our "Let's Face It..." Shielding Mask are fully functional, chic and can sustain the test of times with your daily servicing duties. This shielded face masks comes in two parts: (1) Pair of Rimless Glasses for shield attachment and (1) Plastic Shield. (Reminder: Don’t forget to peel the plastic off your shield for a clear view.)


** Perfectly paired for double protection with our " Chic Coverings..." 3-D Fabric Mask.




  • Care Instructions:

    May be cleaned  with soap + hot water and/or common disinfecting sprays and your well on your way to slay the day.